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Cavities in teeth?

Fillings for dental decay

Most of us suffer from dental decay at some point in our lives. Whether it is due to our love for sugary sweets and snacks or fizzy drinks, even fruit juices, many food and drinks we consume cause cavities in our teeth. Traditional amalgam fillings have been used for many years to fill in the cavities and protect the tooth from further decay. Unfortunately, these fillings are extremely visible to the naked eye and can look quite unpleasant and obvious sat among your white natural teeth.

A solution to amalgam fillings is white filling treatment. Also known as Direct Composite Inlays; they are made from a mouldable resin and miniscule pieces of glass, which work together to provide a natural looking alternative to silver fillings. White fillings can be used to treat cavities anywhere in the mouth and also can be used to replace amalgam silver fillings, giving a much more natural and white smile.

How long do they last?

Composite bonding (composite resin added to teeth to alter shape) can be used for a range of restorative treatments, and cometic filling treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular. If white fillings are looked after properly, and oral hygiene is maintained, they can even last for up to ten years.

How are they applied?

We will first prepare the tooth ready for the composite resin to be applied. Our highly skilled dentist will gently and expertly apply the composite in layers building up to a natural looking filling result. We will then polish the tooth so that it looks and feels shiny and new. This also stops staining occurring and protects it from wear and tear.

Natural and tooth-coloured

The benefits of white fillings

The main benefit is that they do not alter facial aesthetics. They blend in naturally with the rest of the teeth so no one will have any idea you have cavities.

White cosmetic fillings help to protect the decayed tooth, and give a strong foundation for the remaining tooth, so that it does not weaken further. They can replace metal silver fillings, giving your teeth a better look, and giving patients that extra boost of confidence when they smile.

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