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Teeth whitening in Hornchurch

For many of us, it is an everyday battle to try to keep our teeth looking white and sparkling. Our day to day dietary habits can get in the way of maintaining white teeth.

Foods such as coffee, tea, red wine and bad habits such as smoking, can leave teeth looking yellow and discoloured. Stained teeth can impact on patients everyday lives, they may feel unconfident and try to hide their teeth when smiling or laughing.

You may also have an important occasion coming up such as a graduation, job interview or wedding and want to look your best and feel confident to show your biggest smile.

Zoom teeth whitening

At Hacton Dental Care we want all our patients to feel happy and confident when they smile, which is why we offer the highly effective Zoom! whitening system.

Home teeth whitening treatment

We make custom fitted trays and give patients all the necessary equipment to achieve whitening in the comfort of their own homes. With the ease of day or night white treatment, this procedure fits into the everyone’s daily lives with complete ease.  Results can be quick and highly effective. Treatment times may vary, please speak to your Dentist for more details and information.

iIf you are unhappy with the look of your teeth and would like a white smile, get in contact with Hacton Dental Care today for a whitening consultation.

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