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Dental implants for missing teeth

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What are dental implants?

At Hacton Dental Care we offer innovative dental implants as an effective solution for missing teeth.

Many people have missing teeth for a number of reasons, they can include tooth decay, broken teeth, and accidents or injuries which mean teeth have to be extracted.

Our dental implants work to replace the missing tooth root through the use of tiny rods made from titanium, which are inserted into the jawbone sitting in place of the natural tooth root.

They can often be used in combination with dentures or crowns, acting as a false tooth on top of the dental implant.

A solution for missing teeth

Why choose dental implants?

Dental implants are incredibly useful for a number of reasons. Many people have dentures to replace missing teeth, but these can cause problems if they are loose-fitting, as they can affect a person’s diet, and confidence when smiling.

They can also cause a lot of discomfort if they do not fit properly.

Dental implants work exactly like a natural tooth root and after being implanted, they fuse with the jawbone so that they are very secure and sturdy.

Once a false tooth has been fitted onto them they act just like the surrounding natural teeth and patients can eat, drink and smile with confidence.

Finance options for dental implants treatment

At Hacton Dental Care, we aim to make it more affordable by offering 0% interest free finance, and other flexible finance options.

0% monthly finance payments for 12 months only

Single dental implant (from £2500) £208.33 per month

Monthly finanace payment options over 60 months

Single dental implant (from £2500) From £52.48 per month for 60 months
Our finance options over 60 months make dental treatment more affordable*.


Credit subject to status. *T&C’s apply (calculated over 60 months at representative 9.9% apr)

What is the procedure?

Patients having dental implant treatment will first be given local anaesthetic or in some cases sedation if the patients suffers from dental stress or anxiety.

Tiny precise holes will be made into the jawbone to receive the dental implants.

Healing time depends on each patient but is normally around three to six months. This gives the implants time to fuse with the bone in the jaw area and also time for the gums to heal.

After this period a permanent crown, bridge or denture will be attached to give you back your missing teeth.

Why treat missing teeth?

It is important to treat missing teeth for a number of reasons. Leaving empty gaps in the mouth can lead to neighbouring teeth moving into the gaps and out of place. Also, gaps can attract bits of food which can become stuck in the gaps and lead to tooth decay.

Without tooth roots part of the jawbone can begin to disintegrate leaving the face looking less defined and facial muscles may sag. Missing teeth can also affect the way your bite functions and it may become difficult to eat hard foods.

Dental implants are a permanent missing tooth solutions when looked after properly and can give patients the confidence to enjoy life without the worry of ill-fitting dentures.

If you would like to know more about dental implants then do get in touch with us at Hacton Dental Care in Hornchurch.

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