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What is a dental bridge?

At Hacton Dental Care we offer patients a full range of restorative tooth methods including bridges. Many people old and young can suffer with missing teeth, this could be due to badly decayed teeth, an accident on the football pitch, or an injury to the teeth. A dental bridge is one of the missing tooth treatments we offer our patients here in Essex.

A dental bridge is a false tooth which sits in the location of the missing tooth. It is held in place by two crowns, which are attached to the dental bridge and fit over their teeth on either side of the gap. This then bridges the false tooth and crown together to provide an aesthetically pleasing and durable missing tooth solution. A dental bridge can be used to restore just one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Don’t leave gaps in teeth

Issues for missing teeth

A dental bridge recreates a natural and healthy looking smile, whilst preventing extra strain on the rest of the teeth. If missing teeth are not treated a number of issues may arise.

These include;

  • Natural teeth begin moving out of place
  • A weakened bite function
  • Strain on surrounding teeth
  • Facial aesthetics may be affected
  • Dental decay due to food getting stuck in gaps

Dental bridge options in Hornchurch

There are a number of bridges available, one of which is the traditional fixed bridge system (described above). We use this when the teeth either side of the gap have already undergone restorative treatment. We then attach the false tooth and crowns to these teeth.

There is also a Cantilever bridge which is used when there is only one healthy tooth beside the missing tooth. In this case, a crown is attached to the one missing healthy tooth and is attached to the false tooth.

Finally, we have the Maryland Bridge, also known as the adhesive bridge, which is used on gaps in the front teeth. Rather than using crowns to keep the false tooth in place, a tiny metal wire is attached to the back of the two natural teeth.

Our bridges can be made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two. For more information about our bridges or denture services, contact Hacton Dental Care in Essex.

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